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Transformational Soul Work Program

12 Week Deep Healing Program for Starseed 5th Density Ascension

A combination of learning about who you are at Soul level, negative energy clearing and coaching therapy to do the work your soul needs to transform and step in to purpose.

I use the Akashic Records to access your Soul blueprint information and clear negative energies, entities, unjustified karma and blocks that cause limitation and lack of flow in your life.  

During this program, we work together in fortnightly 1 hour therapy coaching sessions to explore, unpack and work through issues from your Soul's perspective using the information I locate in your Soul's record. 

Your sessions will include goal setting for changing circumstances and raising your energetic vibration.

Be prepared and committed to take new action to serve your highest Soul self!

This program means diving deep and sometimes facing the darker parts of our psyche, our shadow.

Working therapeutically from your soul's perspective allows us to investigate patterns and choices that no longer serve you so that you can move forward towards your fullest potential.

We can discuss many symptoms which might be hindering your spiritual evolution and Soul purpose such as past traumas, relationships patterns, negative choices, substance use, low motivation, sexual issues, financial issues, lack of purpose and much more. 

The program includes:

An indepth Soul Profile

Deep Soul Clearing of negative energy, entities, unjustified karma and energetic blocks

Chakra Function Assessment 

Property Clearing (so your environment matches your new vibration)

6  x 1 hour Therapeutic Coaching sessions each fortnight via ZOOM or in person at my space in Clifton Hill, Melbourne. 

$1800 AUD (Payment Plan can be arranged)

**$200 deposit required to secure booking. Once I receive the deposit I complete a Soul Check in the Akashic Records. A Soul Check is to confirm that your soul is suited to this work. If I receive a no from your Soul, a refund of the deposit is provided. 


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