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Michele is a very caring, intuitive, and respectful practitioner. 
Her insights felt spot-on for my journey in life.  Thank you, Michele!
Shannon, Victoria, Australia

I felt incredible after my session with Michele! She helped me bring clarity to several questions I had been struggling with for some time now. Since then I have had a sense that a weight has been lifted. I would highly recommend working with Michele. Her approach is gentle, warm and centred. It was well worth the investment and now I am excited to experience more of what she has to offer! 

Miranda, Melbourne, Australia

I’ve had my business property cleared and the difference is noticeable. Especially once everything is silent and I’m the only one there. I used to feel this suffocating negative energy in the space which is no longer there.

It could be coincidence but since the clearing my business has increased.

Paul, Victoria, Australia


I can’t speak highly enough of Michele. She is such a beautiful and empathic person, and she really helped me understand myself more clearly through her soul realignment process. Highly recommend! Thanks Michele!

Chanel, Victoria, Australia


I had a truly amazing experience working with Michele! Her professionalism and ability to make sense of a world that isn't common knowledge is exceptional. With my heart wide open and an intense want to clear what was needed to be cleared, I am so happy that I trusted Michele and her abilities. The outcome of simultaneously getting our property cleared along with my own energy clearing has allowed for some beautiful flow that I'm already seeing only weeks after! I can't wait to see what else comes from this experience. Thank you Michele xxx

Shareena, Melbourne, Australia


❤️much love and appreciation for your work. Things just made sense to me! I can’t wait to continue my growth in this journey.

Thanh, Melbourne, Australia