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Spiritual Coaching

60 min coaching session to support

Shadow Work

Trauma Healing

Fear Program Clearing

Developing Heart Centredness

Deep knowing of your Soul and Soul Purpose

Ascension Work

Our unresolved shadow aspects, traumas and fears can make us feel stuck and unable to progress on our spiritual path.

We often develop negative ego aspects to cope with our pain creating a cycle of pain/suffering/negative coping behaviour loops.

For example, we may engage in addictive behaviours, avoidance behaviours or cease striving because of low motivation and confusion about what we want to do with our lives.  

What is meant by shadow?

Trauma, grief, challenging family dynamics, unhealed emotional wounds all contribute to our shadow aspects. When we heal these parts of ourselves we move towards wholeness, towards our true spiritual nature. 

Some symptoms of unresolved shadow include unhealthy relationship patterns, poor self-esteem, unhealthy attachments and addictions, neuroticism, trauma playing on repeat, avoidance, constant judgement of others etc etc.

Everyone is different so the way our shadow is experienced will be unique to each of us.

As we progress further along our spiritual path, we may believe we've already healed our shadow/traumas but these aspects often resurface later if we haven't truly done the work  OR because our Soul knows there are deeper  lessons for progression. 

With greater awareness, we can be sure we're not spiritually bypassing because we know we are being deeply honest with our Soul.

Benefits of doing shadow and fear processing

  • Releases trauma and issues of the past
  • Learning to perceive your shadow as teacher
  • Releases and clear karmic energy
  • Helps with spiritual growth and ascension
  • Supports you to understand ascension symptoms and how you are experiencing ascension
  • Develops a deep Soul awareness of what you are here to experience in this lifetime


Single Session   $111

3 Sessions         $303 (save $30)

5 Sessions         $488 (save $67)