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Shadow Healing Transmissions

Our shadow aspects can make us feel stuck and not able to progress on our spiritual path.

When we are challenged by our past and feel there is karma attached, we are often dealing with unresolved shadow. 

Shadow Healing Transmissions are provided online to support you to illuminate and release the shadow aspects that are keeping you stuck.

Firstly, I will go in to your Akashic Record and channel a healing transmission (like a meditation) and play this to you online via Zoom or Skye. Tarot cards and other divination methods are often utilised to garner even more support to create your transmission.

The session also includes a de-brief of the issue to support and hold space so you feel empowered to move through the next stage of your shadow work. 

Benefits of Shadow Healing

  • Liberating from trauma and issues of the past
  • Learn to recognise how your shadow can be a great teacher
  • Releases and clear karmic energy
  • Helps with spiritual growth and ascension


Cost includes channelling in the Akashic Records, the online meeting to present the transmission/de-brief as well as the audio recording.

I may make suggestions of homework that could be helpful and this will be communicated at your online meeting. There is no obligation for you to complete the homework as this is your soul's journey.


After booking and payment is made, you will receive an email  requesting some basic information needed to complete a soul check in the Akashic Records.

You will also receive two questions regarding the current shadow issue/aspect you wish to work on. 

Please respond to this request as soon as possible!

A soul check is needed because Akashic Records' soul work is not appropriate for some souls. If this were to be the case for you,  I would be declined from proceeding with the healing and refund your money immediately.