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Property or Business Clearing 

This healing is for those who are feeling the effects of negative energies and entities attached and draining their energy either within their property or business (or both).

Negative energies and entities if allowed to remain, will be felt to impact thoughts, emotions, and relationships. They may feel like depression, anxiety, mental health issues and night terrors or you may be sensing there are ghosts, poltergeists and other energies around you. Using white sage and salt will help minimally with milder energies but will not clear the energetic matrix of the property.

The property/business clearing is also great for those who have just moved in to a new home or business and want to have the imprints and energies of the previous residents cleared. This clearing is also beneficial if you are having trouble selling or renting a property. The property is likely being affected by negative entities and energies which need to be cleared. 

You must be the owner, tenant or Real Estate Agent with owner's approval of the property in order to request a property or business clearing.