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Multidimensional Blueprint Clearing

$222 AUD

A Multidimensional Quantum Clearing in a sacred created space where only high frequency, healing and organic energies are permitted.

Tuning in to your Higher Self for guidance, I will also invite your ascension and healing support teams to come forward and assist us to clear implants, vows, programs, A.I. devices, entities, cords, call back any Soul Loss and whatever else I find in your field.

This is a multidimensional Quantum Clearing that will empower you to learn how to clear your own field.

Chakra balancing, upgrades, repairs and activation are all part of this session.

I always ask permission from your Higher Self before I proceed with this clearing. If your Higher Self does not give me permission, I will refund your payment. 

**Allow up to 90 Minutes for this session***

The session will be recorded and sent to you afterward.