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Spiritual evolution in the time of COVID19

Posted By Michele Sammut  
06:00 AM

While most of the planet is in isolation, many are coming up with novel ways to entertain themselves. Spending quality time with children, partners and housemates in sometimes hilarious ways (dressing up while taking the bins out is one example I've seen) while doing their best to stay calm.

Waiting this whole virus situation out......

Granted, this is a much easier process for those who still have their work, or know they can return to their jobs once we're told we are safe to do so. For others, there is tremendous fear of what the future holds.

In such uncertain times, we have many paths we can take to try and make sense of what is happening to our world.

There are those who see the virus as a blessing for Mother Earth. A means to rejuvenate and help eliminate the effects of Climate Change.

There are those who are constantly warning us to “Stay Home and Save Lives” feeling very concerned with the death toll and health of our population. 

There are those scrambling for information, researching furiously to find the ‘truth’ behind the virus.

And of course, there are those who find some semblance of truth in all of these views because life right now is so confusing, it's hard to know what to think.

For me, I’m doing my best to follow in the footstep of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh (see the amusing text by Cass Clayton at the bottom of this post). I’m simply “watching sticks”.

To me, the symbol of watching sticks means being in a calm state that keeps me out of fear and panic. 

While watching sticks sounds passive, it isn't always that way.

Watching sticks provides me the space where I can connect to what's in my heart.  The inner knowing of what conscious actions I'm called to take during a storm.

I'm called to find more ways to be of service to others.

I'm called to do my passions. To spend more time reading, writing, meditating, doing yoga, doing juice fasts and just generally revelling in the time we have been gifted.

Watching sticks also means sitting back and watching the chaos whirl around me while I stay calmly in the centre of the storm, in MY centre.

In a channelling session back in December 2019, Bashar warned us that 2020 was going to be “nutzzzzz” and that the best place for us to be is the eye of the storm, where it’s most calm. My whole being resonates with this message.         

For someone like me whose energy is easily depleted by drama and chaos, I needed to find my safe spot. A place where I remain soul focused so I keep my energy flowing. 

From my centre, I am able to keep an open mind to all the possibilities about the virus, without become overly distracted by the many narratives I could invest in. 

Yes, I feel in my gut that there is more to this virus than meets the eye.  Yet I understand that entertaining these aspects too deeply does not serve me energetically.

It does me no good to sit in a space of intellectualizing or egoic need for truth. Others may be energetically different and it might even be part of their purpose to follow such a path.

From my part, I have faith!

I have faith that this virus can be a tremendous process for immense spiritual evolution. I have faith that at some point, we will know all we need to know. There are many souls on the planet waking up and remembering their soul self. There are many souls questioning the status quo and breaking out of the programs they have been conditioned to from childhood.

This virus, no matter what you think of it, has the potential for great spiritual catalyst.

An opportunity to speed up the choosing of our polarity. Do we choose service to self or service to others?

Earth is where we make this choice. 

An opportunity for 4th density soul evolution once we've made our choice. 

I believe that our lives on Earth, in this 3rd Density reality is a mere drop in the ocean of what’s to come.

To sit back and observe the world as if it were a great big stage, and with soul knowing that life on Earth is but a game...

A small part of a much grander game that we souls play in the universe.

I feel liberated by this spiritual perspective.

We all die, we are all born, many times before and many times more to come.

It is my deep spiritual belief, that eventually, we merge again with the Creator Source from where we originated.

But right now, we are merely in primary school here on Earth, we have a LONG road ahead before we graduate completely.

So I see it like this…  I am on my journey through soul evolution, making the long exciting journey back to source, with much to learn and experience.

The journey is influenced by how we play the game (karma).

If we play the game with love and compassion, with non-ego attachment and with spiritual wisdom, we move on to the next round with less karmic baggage.

When we play this way, we take a more direct path back to Creator Source. And that's the path my soul chooses to take. 

Blessings and love...




Cass Clayton

6 March

"Where are we going Piglet?" asked Pooh.

"We need to get supplies," said Piglet. "For the Coronavirus"

"Ahh," said Pooh, nodding in understanding. "Things like bread, milk, cough mixture, tissues and cat litter even though we don't have a cat?"

Piglet did a little laugh, and a sort of leap and bit of a cough. "No," said Piglet. "No, those aren't the sort of supplies we need at all! What we need are family sized bags of chocolate buttons, massive toblerone, jelly babies and crunchies and a freezer full of stuffed crust pizzas, and all of the Prosecco that we can possibly carry, so that when we get quarantined we won't mind it even slightly. THOSE are supplies."

All of a sudden, Pooh thought that the idea of coronavirus didn't seem quite so bad, and actually, getting quarantined with Piglet and their supplies really didn't sound such a terrible thing after all. "Oh Piglet," said Pooh. "I really do think you are a very wise animal."

As they walked along they spotted Eeyore stood by a stream watching the sticks float by.....

“Hello Eeyore.” Said Pooh, “we’re off to buy supplies to sit out the quarantine, would you like to come?”

“No thank you.” Said Eeyore “I’m just going to stand here, look at the stream and contemplate the Economic impact of a media induced panic that several companies are projecting folding straight out of Brexit. Also the NHS being brought to its knees by a huge panic, and the social impact of people distrusting others because they look or are associated with China. People are dumb.”

“Well that’s sad.” Said Pooh “I much prefer getting shitfaced and eating Pizza.”

“The ironic thing.” Smiled Eeyore is that Panic induces the Stress Response, and the first thing the stress response does is switch off the immune system.”

“Huh.” Said Pooh. “why would the media do that.”

“I don’t know.” Said Eeyore “I just watch sticks.”