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Our shadow and the energy of thoughts and emotions

Posted By Michele  
19:49 PM

Our thoughts and emotions are expressed through energy. Think of how much energy there is in anger, belligerence and fear. The same applies to positive emotions. There is an abundance of energy in elation, delight, and joy. Our thoughts and actions are directly linked to our emotions; what we think and what we do!

 When we repeat negative, critical thoughts about ourselves or others, over and over, we create tangible damage to our lives. Issues such as depression (repressed emotions), anxiety, grief, and low self-esteem arise. There is potential to engage in addictive and self-destructive behaviours, isolating ourselves from loved ones. Perhaps we even become aggressive or use violence, all in the name of avoiding our pain.

 Yet negative thoughts and emotions serve us best when they are acknowledged, reflected upon and given the time and respect needed. This is how we come face to face with our shadow side. When we work with our shadow we ask; why are these dark thoughts and emotions surfacing? Where do they come from? How did it get this bad? What have I repressed in the past? What am I doing to make them worse? What am I doing that keeps me from healing? What patterns am I repeating to avoid pain? And so on…

 When negative energy from dark thoughts and emotions are not addressed, they build up in our system, causing blockages in our energy bodies and chakras. Eventually what is happening to our energy system will manifest in our physical health. Serious illness can result when we have not faced our shadow, when we bury our baggage down and avoid dealing with our past. When we die with unresolved issues and lessons unheeded, we create past life negative karma. Our souls, with their infinite wisdom choose to re-experience unresolved past life karma in our present life with the hope of healing this time around.  Painful thoughts and emotions always surface for healing and we all have the capacity to do just that, if we are willing to do the work.

 The work I speak of is a journey of truth and honesty with ourselves and hopefully an empathetic healer/counsellor who will listen with love but also challenge you to bare the truth of your pain. Counselling and energy work are powerful ways to journey in to the depth of our soul. We journey to the humanness of our shadow, to face what needs to be faced and healed what we have the capacity to heal. This is how we reconnect with the truth of who we really are, our divine soul being.