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Illuminating our Shadow Aspects

Posted By Michele  
07:50 AM

What is our Shadow Self?

 It is the parts of our self that are the darkest and most challenging to face.

 The parts that we repress and bury to avoid being conscious of.

 Our unresolved shadow will go on to create unhealthy ego challenges.

 A brief word on ego.

 To exist in this world, we need some ego self, some self-identity but the problem we have in our world is one where spirituality and listening to our soul is discouraged, and we are excessively focused on our ego and not focused enough on our soul.

 Ego challenges include, patterns of behaviour and emotional reactions that exist because of fears, traumas and emotional wounds that we have not brought to the surface to be healed.

Our shadow is the place where we bury our negative emotions because feeling them and accepting them is too painful. In our society, we bury emotions often with the addiction matrix. With excessive food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and even exercise, anything that makes us feel better because feeling our deepest emotions is too painful.

 Some examples of common shadow aspects are: jealousy, low self-worth, fear of abandonment, need for attention, inability to cope without drugs and alcohol and inability to be alone. There are many others, these are only a few examples.

 How do we illuminate our shadow aspects so that we can face them and resolve them?

 With an immense amount of self-reflection and self-honesty.

 We need to look our ourselves with an objective lens and honestly assess our patterns of behaviour and emotional reactions.

 Many find this process difficult because they go in to a mode of self-judgement which create further pain and suffering.

 We need to understand why our shadow self exists in the first place so we can limit the judgement we place on ourselves.

 We ask ourselves questions such as; why do I fear abandonment? Why do I self-sabotage by allowing myself to be in toxic relationships and so on?

 Underneath our shadow aspects is an underlying cause that needs resolution.

 If we do not resolve these issues, they become negative patterns that we play out in our current lifetime and further, that our soul carries with it into other incarnations.

 The cause may be a trauma from our childhood, a family life that included dysfunctional dynamics and these have imprinted on our ego self.  We must be brave enough to look back at our past and re trace our lives to assess cause and effect.

 It is likely that once we honestly assess our shadow selves, we can lift ourselves out of emotional and fear suppression and victim-victimizer states.

 We must be aware of not placing ourselves in to even deeper victim states by instead viewing the events from a higher vantage point, the perspective of our soul.

 We choose families and situations for soul growth. Our soul may have chosen to come back to Earth to resolve something on a karmic level.

 This is why it is so important to face and resolve our shadow.

 Not only does it relieve us of victim-victimizer states, it clears our energetic field.

 It allows us to spiritually evolve and it moves us to a place where we are connected to our sovereignty so we do not feel we are must agree to come back to this false 3D matrix reincarnation trap because we are connected to Source and we know we are God, Sovereign Free!

 When we are in this state, we do not judge ourselves for our past transgressions and we forgive ourselves and others and see the situation for what it is from higher densities, one of learning and evolution that we all experience.