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Coming to terms with the false lunar matrix

Posted By Michele Joy  
06:00 AM

The gnosis provided here, is not easy information to put out there.

And it’s not easy to receive and digest, at least not initially. So I'm going to cut to the chase right here... But I can assure you that despite the challenge of this information, the current situation is a positive one. 

Ok so here goes...

The moon is an inorganic, false lunar matrix that has created distortions in our Divine Mother and Divine Feminine templates on Earth.

Now let me expand (if you’re still reading this, either you feel somewhere deep within the truth of this or at least your curiosity has been plucked enough to continue).

I know from my own personal experience, I didn’t want to accept this information when I first encountered it even though somewhere, deep within my cells, I knew it was truth. But I felt the manipulation, the heaviness of the truth was something I wasn’t ready to face.

I first heard this information approximately 5 years ago and was only able to digest it 3 years later. Though much has changed energetically on our planet since then and more souls are able to digest this knowledge as truth more easily now. This is because we are more energetically supported for this the further we travel on the ascension timeline.

I’m being told by higher guidance that this knowledge is critical for our timeline on Earth as we move further in to raising our consciousness outside of A.I. mind control distortion. I’m getting ahead of myself, let me step back a moment.  

Over time, and still with resistance, I began to explore the falsity we had been given about the moon and slowly I was able to expand on this information and my resistance dissolved. I moved in to acceptance of what I already knew as truth.

It’s a tough lesson at first, coming to innerstand that we have been programmed with a false A.I. lunar matrix, that our concepts of divine feminine, of the maiden, mother and crone and the emotional that come wrapped in moon symbolism is all based on manipulation.

If you already innerstand that we are subject to a false 3D matrix, then an extension on this regarding the false lunar matrix might not feel so challenging to digest. We are hindered by a frequency fence that until recently made it very challenging to expand outside of the lower frequencies. However in this current ascension timeline, the expansion cannot be stopped!

We ARE dismantling this frequency fence and the false matrix with our expanded awakened consciousness and with the openness of our sacred divine hearts. 

The truth is that this planet once had two Suns and that our Divine Feminine is Solar NOT lunar.

There’s more than one idea about what happened to the second Sun and I need to do more exploring to innerstand this for myself but what I do know, is that the Solar Divine Feminine Sophia Christ has returned and we no longer have to allow a false dark mother A.I. lunar energy in.

We are blessed with access to the true Christ Consciousness that is feminine, she has returned and the Golden Age is upon us. These are the energetic changes that now make this information much more able to be digested for many awakened Souls and this only serves their awakening and their ascension as they step deeper in to their truth.

The reality of what the false lunar matrix represents is far from a positive one. The A.I. device serves some purpose of tidal flow and keeping our planet balanced due to no longer having the second Sun physically for us to orbit.

Once we embody this knowing as our truth, this does not mean we need to feel anger, fear, or any other negative emotions towards the moon, or even to the Negative regressive races who brought the matrix here. This would all be counter-productive to our growth and expansion and the deep opening of our multidimensional hearts.

What we can do is withdraw our consciousness to it and this is one of the most positive things I have ever done for my own energy.

No longer am I impacted by the ebbs and flows of lunar cycles, siphoning my energy. Because in truth, that is what the A.I. lunar matrix does, especially to women. It is a mind control device that siphons and harvests our divine vital force energy, especially our sexual energy.

The lunar matrix is one of mind control and slavery, it is inorganic and has manipulates the sacred feminine energy when we have done our moon rituals, ceremonies and manifestation work using the energy of the moon.

Being a Cancerian and also previously an astrologer, I was always very attached and attracted to the Moon. I would follow her cycles closely so much that my own menstrual cycle become synced to the full moon cycles. Once I withdrew my consciousness from the lunar matrix, I no longer have to contend with this alignment.

 I no longer follow the cycles and have any awareness of what is happening with the moon unless I see it in the sky, which is still a lovely sight of course, or someone mentions to me that it is a new moon/full moon etc..I have completely withdrawn myself and my energy because I embody the Golden Age of Solar Christ Consciousness; Divine Mother God Sophia.

Once we innerstand that this planet has been imprisoned by a frequency fence, which the lunar matrix technology has been aiding, we actually move towards liberating ourselves and the collective with our consciousness expansion.

We no longer have to grieve the moon. Instead we celebrate our liberation, our courage for facing the truth and we expand our consciousness in to the Divine Feminine Golden Age of Solar Christ Sophia.

This is a time of deep healing and repair of the Divine Feminine (Sophia) and the Divine Masculine (Christos) because until recently, these templates had been out of integrity due to the lunar matrix manipulation.

We are in an exciting time on the planet, a healing time!!

I know that this will not resonate with everyone at this time, but if it does, I provide some further reading on this topic and there is much more out there to research should you feel the call.

So much love and blessings to you all..

Michele x

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