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Akashic Record Healings

Akasha is Sanskrit for primordial substance or ether. The Akashic Records is also known by other names such as The Book of Life and Hall of Records.

The Akashic Records is an energetic database residing on the fifth dimension. It is much like the cosmic internet or library of the universe.

It is a place where the journey of every soul in the universe is recorded. This includes every action and thought of every lifetime, and details of soul's blueprint in its original state.

As an Akashic Records Negative Energy Clearing Practitioner and Soul Realignment Practitioner, I use the records to access your soul information, including your soul blueprint and any blocks and restrictions that are holding you back from living your best life. It is important to understand that blocks and restrictions create negative karmic patterns and they come about from the negative choices we make which are out of alignment to who we are at soul level.

I am also able to clear negative entities, energies and blocks and restrictions in the Akashic Records depending on which reading you choose.

I also clear properties and business spaces. Clearing our personal spaces of negative entities and energies can make a huge difference to our overall wellbeing.

Healing and clearing our soul’s negative karma is like peeling layers of an onion. 

For this reason, I offer my healings at multiple levels. Level 2 readings are only recommended once Level 1 clearings have been completed and so on.

All prices in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Level 1 Soul Realignment Healing 

Soul Profile + Clearing

Past Life Negative Karmic Patterns $300

Have you ever wondered who you really are at soul level? In this detailed reading, I access your personal Akashic Records to help you find out where your Soul Originated from as well as ascertaining your Soul's gifts and specialisations. This reading will also address any past life negative karmic patterns that are still effecting you today. This healing comes with clearings to remove all of the issues that are uncovered. This is a very transformational healing and clearing to start you on your Soul healing journey. 

Level 2 Soul Realignment Healing 

Clearing Unresolved Emotional & Mental Issues $250

Now that you have discovered who you are at soul level and cleared past life karmic patterns, this healing will bring up unresolved emotional and mental issues currently effecting you in the present lifetime. Left unresolved, these issues will result in more negative karma so clearing present life issues is a powerful way to evolve your soul. This healing will ascertain if there are any negative spirit guides that no longer serve you, how many Spirit Guides are on your team as well as highlight any relationships that have negative energy attached to them. I also check for any lost souls that are in your energy field so they can be cleared and sent back to the light for theirs and your highest good.

Level 3 Soul Realignment Healing

Life Situation and Chakra Balancing $250

This is a specific healing to address one or two current life situations which are holding you back. These situations can create drama and blocks to energy flow in your current life. A chakra balance read is included in this healing.  When our chakras are not running efficiently, this signals we are engaging in unbalanced lifestyle choices. I will report which chakras are overactive or underactive and provide strategies around negative choices you are currently struggling with.

Paired with an energy healing = $300

Other Akashic Record readings

  • Manifesting Blueprint Reading $150

This reading will show you how can make the most of your abilities to create and manifest what you truly desire by aligning with your soul level manifesting abilities. We do not all manifest and create the same.  We have a soul blueprint which guides us how our souls truly create and experience effectively. This reading is super helpful if you are struggling to manifest your goals or if you would like to learn how to push your manifestation abilities to the next level. 

  • The Relationship Reading $150


The process for Akashic Record healings

It is important to note that Akashic Records' Soul Realignment and Negative Energy Healings cannot be done for everyone.

After payment is made, I request some brief information from you and complete a soul check in the Akashic Records. If I am then unable to proceed with your healing, I will refund your payment immediately!

If I am given the green light to proceed, I will contact you to schedule my first available appointment where I will present the reading information to you. Allow up to 60 minutes for the appointment. Appointments are available online via Zoom, in person at Mein Natural Therapies,  Clifton Hill or over the phone.  I will send you any necessary clearing homework via email.

Please note the price includes all the channelling and energy clearing work that is done in my own time as well as the presentation of the Soul healing.




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