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What are the Akashic Records?

 Akasha is the Sanskrit word meaning 'ether'.

The Akashic Records are a multi dimensional database commencing in 5th Dimensional space time. 

The 5th Dimensional space is Earth's cosmic library, keeping record of every soul that has been incarnated on this planet. It holds an account of numerous details of our Soul's history, including our Soul Matrix information such as where our Soul originated after being created by God/Source, our life lessons, energetic frequency, any karma we can't let go of, past lives and negative energy attached to our Soul matrix. 

The Akashic Records holds records on higher Dimensional spaces than the 5th so some Akashic Records' practitioners become initiated to higher dimensional aspects and the can access those higher dimensional records. 

Healing and clearing our soul’s negative energy happens in stages, like peeling layers of an onion.

At the time of the reading, what is highlighted for clearing is what your Higher Self is ready to release. 

The more we clear,  the greater opportunity we have for more authentic spiritual evolution on the organic ascension timeline. 

Soul Clearing $166

Everything we do, say and think has an affect on our energetic frequency; lowering or raising our vibration depending on whether we are living from our heart space and living in alignment with our truth or not.

When we are engaging in actions, behaviours, thoughts and emotions that lower our vibration we can easily attract negative energies and entities to our Soul matrix. 

Negative energies and lower frequencies, if allowed to remain, will impact thoughts and emotions creating our problems to worsen. They can affect our relationships and can cause a great deal of distress. 

Negative energies can also be carried over from past lives repeating patterns of behavior or traumas in this life. This can also be in the form of negative karma that has been resolved but you are still playing out the patterns as though the karma is current.

Negative energy that is attached and is lowering your frequency can lead issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction to name a few or  you may be sensing there are distortions, entities, lost soul attachments and other lower frequency energies around you.

You might feel like you are unable to move forward with certain aspects of your life, feeling stuck or hindered. 

A Soul Matrix Clearing is a deep healing that takes commitment so that new conscious choices are made to help minimise the attraction of too much negative energy in the future.

However we will always attract some amounts of negative energy since we have not evolved to spiritually enlightened beings just yet.

Soul Matrix Clearings are a wonderfully transformative clearing to do every now and again because Soul healing is like peeling layers of an onion and only what we can manage at any given time will arise in each healing. 

Please note:

I also clear properties and business spaces.

Clearing our personal spaces of negative entities and energies can make a huge difference to our overall well-being especially once we have had a Soul Matrix clearing.

This way both our environment and our energy field are a frequency match.  


Soul Reading  $122

One of the most wonderful pieces of information I find as part of your Soul Profile is your Soul's Origin.  Where you first incarnated after leaving Source  It's like finding your true home. If you are a Starseed, then you will not have originated here on Earth, however there are many Earth angels that are here to help the evolution of this planet. 

Learning who we are at soul level is a very healing, enlightening experience. It gives us deep level information to allow us to make life changes. When we know how our soul energy works, we can take appropriate action aligned to our soul blueprint.

This reading will give you plenty of information beyond your Soul Origin, such as your Energy Centre information Soul vibration rate, Primary Life Lessons, Archetypes as well as the current number of Spirit Guides on your team and more. Learning this information about your Soul helps you learn how to live a life that is more congruent to your highest path and purpose. When we live in greater Soul alignment, we achieve more happiness, creativity, flow and joy. We have a sense of doing what we've come to Earth to do








    The process for Akashic Record healings

    It is important to note that Akashic Records' Soul Healings cannot be done for every soul. Some souls are simply not suited to this work. 

    After booking and payment is made, I will email you and request some information from you and complete a soul check in the Akashic Records. If I am unable to proceed with your healing, I will refund your payment immediately!

    If I am given the green light to proceed. Allow between 60 minutes to 2 hours for the appointment, depending on which session you book. 

    Appointments for readings are available online via Zoom or Skype. 

    I will send you any necessary clearing homework via email.

    **Please note the price includes all the channelling and energy clearing work that is done in my own time as well as the presentation of the Soul healing***