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My name is Michele.

I'm a Social Worker who has extended my passion for mental health and wellbeing to the realm of spiritual development. 

I believe we are all spiritual beings here to experience ourselves as human for the purpose of growth and transformation.

Whether we have been here for hundreds of lives or one, we have a reason to be here on Earth at this time.

I hold a deep belief that we are the powerful creators of our own realities, including our pain and suffering. 

In my experience, this is an empowering view because it means our soul never chooses what we cannot heal or release. 

I stepped on to my spiritual path after an intense and long healing journey. 

When I had my spiritual remembering (some call it an awakening but I call it my remembering because it felt like I had forgotten something I already knew), I remembered that I am infinite Spirit here having an experience for a reason.

I remembered that I am a Soul who had come to Earth from elsewhere in the Universe.

I didn't realise at the time that I was a Wayshower Starseed Soul but when I heard this term, it felt to be my Truth. Wayshower Starseed Souls chose to come here to Earth at this very challenging time to help wake up other starseeds to their purpose and to increase the vibration of the planet for ascension.

After my remembering, I craved deep healing and embarked on shadow work journey with the Akashic Records as my guide. I learned about the karma I needed to release.  

This intense period was the catalyst for facing my deep past wounds and shadow. 

I have been able to heal and clear past trauma, forgive, process grief and loss and remember who I AM at Soul level. 

But the journey doesn't end there. The deeper the healing, the more we let go of. We grow stronger in our ability to create what we need and live our best life. 

I look forward to working with you.