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My name is Michele Sammut. I'm a Social Worker who has extended my passion for mental health and wellbeing in community services to the realm of spiritual development.

I believe we are all spiritual beings here on Earth to experience ourselves as human beings for the purpose of growth and transformation.

I came to my spiritual path after an intense and long healing journey (sometimes called the 'dark night of the soul'). This intense period was the catalyst for healing my own wounds.  I have been able to heal and clear past trauma, grief and loss but this journey is always ongoing, like peeling the layers of an onion. 

By no means has it been an easy journey but it has been a rewarding one. Because of this, I understand that our darkness must be faced if we are to experience our light. Working with our shadows honestly is a liberating way to deep growth and transformation. 

I hold a deep belief that we are the powerful creators of our own realities, including our pain and suffering. In my experience, this is an empowering paradigm because it means our soul never chooses what we cannot heal.

I will not be the one to heal you but  instead guide and walk alongside you while you travel your healing journey.  I hope this experience empowers you to heal your own negative karmic patterns, creating a more whole and spiritually connected life.