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Thank you for taking action to do your inner work at Soul level!





How I can support you...

 As Multidimensional Quantum Healer and Spiritual Coach, I am so very passionate about supporting Starseeds and Lightworkers to heal by doing their inner work and travelling their ascension (incension) path. 


In all sessions we connect to your Higher Self and any guidance teams who work with you to step you closer to reaching your potential because you have come to Earth at this pertinent time for very specific and important reasons.

Many of us are here to ensure that other Starseed brothers and sisters connect to their ascension path and increase the freedom and frequency on Earth for future timelines.  

Using a combination of Spiritual Coaching and Multidimensional Energy Healing, my goal is to help you explore the true nature of your soul.

I can support you to clear old programming and energetic entanglements that have been keeping you stuck, wounded or out of alignment. 

Our work will help realign you to the truth of who you are at Soul level so that you can remember why you came here, what your Soul path and purpose is really about. 

Our work can be as brief or as deep as you feel you need to go at this time.



Our Souls are an ever changing energetic matrix that we create along our Ascension journey.

We create our Soul matrix with every decision we make, with every action we take and every experience we have both in this life and all lifetimes.  

This is our evolutionary path of learning, growth, and discovery. With each experience we allow the God Source inside of us to experience itself in an infinite amount of ways..

How do we create our Soul Matrix?

Every thought, emotion and choice holds an energetic imprint that is either in alignment or out of alignment with who we are at Soul level. 

Who we are at Soul level is a culmination of how we were created at Source as well as what experiences, and choices we have chosen for ourselves since leaving Source. 

When we repeat negative thinking patterns, emotions and decisions often enough, we create lower frequency (negative) energetic patterns that affect our physical and mental wellbeing.

Therefore, repeated negative thinking and unresolved emotional pain attracts lower energies to our Soul Matrix which cause us to feel depressed, stuck, addicted, triggered, unmotivated etc...and most of all, these patterns keep us from reaching our fullest human and Soul potential. 

Unhealed traumas and stress accumulates in our energy bodies, eventually creating physical, psychological and spiritual dis-ease. All of which keep us in a lower vibration state of being.

Learning about the actions and choices that are in alignment and out of alignment empowers us to know we always have a choice and we are never a victim. 

When we face our shadow, we are able to shift our perspective and learn more deeply about who we as a Soul. We shift to a place of gratitude for our shadow because our dark shadow brings us in to our light.




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Benefits of Soul Healing


Deeper understanding of yourself at soul level


Spiritual growth and development


Increased motivation and confidence to deal with life's challenges


Clearing limiting beliefs


Clearing negative energies and entities blocking your vitality


Clearing negative karmic patterns


Increased access to vital force energy


Improving your ability to manifest abundance


Stress and anxiety relief


Deep relaxation



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