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Welcome to Soul Mission Healing

 Our spiritual energy is our most valuable resource

Our Souls are an ever changing energetic matrix

Our thoughts, emotions and choices when repeated over and over create energetic patterns that will either positively or negatively affect our physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, repeated negative thinking and unresolved emotional pain creates negative energies that make us feel depressed, stuck, addicted, triggered, unmotivated, not aware of ourselves, on auto pilot and most of all, keeps us from reaching our fullest human experience potential. 

Unhealed traumas, ongoing negative choices and stress accumulates in our bodies, eventually creating physical, psychological and spiritual dis-ease. All of which keep us in a lower vibration. 

To grow spiritually means to illuminate and release our shadow. When we face our shadow, we are able to shift our perspective where we can be grateful for our shadow and all that it teaches us. 

Spiritual Ascension

As our planet transitions to a higher density of consciousness,  the work of clearing, healing, and releasing shadow and karma is more important than ever. 

Now is the time to release past life karma, overcome present life traumas, face our shadow and clear negative energies. Unresolved issues become the energetic baggage we carry around in our auric field, causing chakra blocks and energetic restrictions.

Deep healing and clearing raises our energetic frequency so that we can progress on our Ascension journey.

As an Akashic Records Practitioner, my work is channelled in the Akashic Records and presented to you via an online Zoom or Skype meeting.    This means I can help people from all over the world or recommend healers in other countries should my times not work for you. 

I am passionate about supporting souls along their ascension journey

I can support you to face your shadow aspects,  to realise your true nature so you can confidently step in to your Soul purpose

Using the Akashic Records and Spiritual Counselling, my goal is to help you explore the true nature of your soul.

I clear negative karmic patterns, negative attachments and restrictions keeping your frequency low and stopping you from stepping in to your true purpose. 

Our work will help realign you to the truth of who you are at soul level. This will help you understand that you are a Divine Creative Soul that when living in active alignment from your heart centre, can manifest what you need.

Our work can be as brief or as deep as you feel you need to go at this time

Benefits of Soul Healing


Deeper understanding of yourself at soul level


Spiritual growth and development


Increased motivation and confidence to deal with life's challenges


Clearing limiting beliefs


Clearing negative energies and entities blocking your vitality


Clearing negative karmic patterns


Increased access to vital force energy


Improving your ability to manifest abundance


Stress and anxiety relief


Deep relaxation



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